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A new year, a new beginning, a chance to move on from all that’s happened and a chance to start fresh. With this new hope surging in our hearts, we set different goals and targets for ourselves that we plan to achieve in the forthcoming year. Not only for this particular year, we set goals that we aim at achieving in the next few days, months, or years. It may be a small and easy goal, like making your bed after waking up or a slightly difficult one, like losing a few pounds or learning to play a piano. But whatever the goal or target may be, it requires effort and dedication to achieve it.

But often, this journey to achieve our goals is not easy. After setting a goal and commencing our journey towards achieving it, we get lost along the way. We get affected and distracted by the various obstacles and hurdles that we come across in this journey. Sometimes, so much that we forget about your target, our destination. We forget why we had set that goal for ourselves in the first place, what was the reason behind staring this journey. We forget what made us decide that we wanted to do something. And all this makes that journey, that path, nothing but a burden. We no longer remain as enthusiastic and motivated to achieve our goals, to reach our destination as we were in the beginning.

I will give an example to understand this better. I wanted to do something in the field of medicine because I wanted to help the society, to decrease the pain and problems that people face. But in my journey to achieve this goal of mine, I got overwhelmed by the things around me. I started becoming stressed and affected by the issues of my class, things happening in my department, petty matters of my university. I got so affected by all these that I started disliking everything related to that place…even to the level of doubting my decision to become a Physiotherapist.

I forgot I had gone to that place to study to achieve MY goal of becoming a Physiotherapist because I wanted to contribute to the society and relieve people of their pain. This was my destination. I was the one who had set this goal for myself in the first place. But somewhere along my journey, I got so overwhelmed with everything around me that I forgot that my primary motive was to become a Physiotherapist, and everything was secondary.

So, I hope with this New Year, as we set various goals and targets for ourselves and plan our journey to reach our destinations, we don’t forget why are we setting a goal for ourselves in the first place.



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