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Dreams and targets are something we all have had at some point in our lives, these come in many forms. The two main types being our goals and aspirations, something we have that helps us to create a vision. It helps us envision our future in almost a dream like state. At some point in your life, you will have to set yourself a goal, which upon completion can seem like the most rewarding thing in your life. When I was growing up in a small town in Scotland, I thought that I would be like my parents and remain there most of my life.

But at some point, I decided that I need to see the world, there is so much out there that needs to be seen. But I had to start small, so I decided to move out of the house and into my university accommodation. I told myself that it isn’t a big deal and many students do this every year, so can I. My parents suggested to move somewhere closer, maybe a big city close to my town. But I knew I needed to take a bigger step and I knew I was ready. I chose to fly to the united states instead, to Rhode Island. While at that time it didn’t seem like it to most people but I was going through a phase which can be described as having tunnel vision, focused on just one thing. With time I realized that I maybe shouldn’t have been like that, but then I tell myself that I had a dream and I fulfilled it. Then I moved onto the next phase of my dreams, I set a goal to become a sous chef before I hit thirty. Until a few years back if due to any reason I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this, I would have been crushed with disappointment.

But life has taught me to learn to adjust one’s dreams for what the situation allows. Make the most of the situation and reap every single thing you can out of it. Dreams and targets should be fluid, taking the shape of the situation that has been presented to you. My message here being, things change and life is constantly moving. You will have to adjust and change as needed, make sure it is for better and not worse. Having to adjust doesn’t mean the targets you set aren’t attainable, but just in need of a makeover. Things you never thought could happen might just end up happening by looking at your dreams from a different angle.



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