The Promise of January | Shalini

How strange is the relation between December & January?

Like old memories and new hopes

Both are delicate

Both have depth

Both travel done the path of time

Both stumble along the same path

Though both have ….

The same face

The same look

The same cold

The same number of days

Identity is different

Style is different

Behaviour is different

Outlook is different

One is the end

Other the beginning

Like the day after the night

and the night after the day

One has memories

Other has hope

One has experience

Other has conviction

Those who leave December

January embraces

What January promises

December releases

 January to December takes 11 months

December to January takes but a moment

When they are far conditions change

When they are close year change

They are only two months of a year


They have the potential to consolidate and scatter

They have tied together the rest of the months

They have made their separation a festival for the world

Rejoice in this strange relation that is of

December and January.

Adaptation by


Original credit to an anonymous Hindi poem

4 thoughts on “The Promise of January | Shalini

  1. Jahnavi, your writing Infuses positivity even though these months are considered to be the symbol of decay..great work…keep it up!!!

  2. This change between the months is felt by nature as well and brings us a month closer to new hope, warmth, and promise of nature’s bounty. So much to look forward to.

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