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We worry about thing all the time. Things that haven’t even happened yet, things that might happen. But why worry about something that might happen, there is no point in giving yourself a hard time about something that hasn’t happened or probably will or won’t happen. That is extra hours or days of stress that your mind and body does not need. Students worry about their results after the examination as if it will change the score. You studied and you gave the paper, now there is nothing you can do to make the result better. You have done your part.

Anxious, I understand, you’re anxious to get the result.

Worried, I don’t understand, you’re worried what you’ll get.

Similarly, workers get worried about what task their senior will give them and what they’ll have to do! But what good does that do? Nothing. Worry about it after you get the task because now you have to do it and you actually know what it is. I am sure there will be people disagreeing with me but this is my opinion. I am not saying reading this will make you stop worrying, if only it was that simple. What I am trying to convey is that you will stress about a particular task when you come around to doing it. But why make yourself go through the stress and worry about it when you haven’t even gotten around to doing it yet.

No point worrying about what might happen in the future (with obvious exceptions) and live the moment you are in. you see, the present you are living in needs to be fully appreciated. You don’t want to be seventy years old and have regrets about not making the most of the present because you were too worried about what you did in the past and what will happen in the future. Plan your future in a calm way but don’t get overpowered by it. Today is beautiful and you have to live it the best you can.

Break out of the cage of worry and fly to the sky of possibilities because that is where real satisfaction lies.



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  1. Interesting topic. It’s true prolonged anticipation leads to anxiety and we should try to not worry. Can you take some time and suggest us some anxiety management techniques for the overthinking population?

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