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Sometimes we are surrounded with people and still feel like we are alone. By ourselves, with no one who understand us. Being lonely is a big mental health issue. A very small percentage of people can go without proper human contact for a while but for the most of us it isn’t that simple. Being social animals, we need company. There might be people around us when we’re at home or at work but if you don’t connect with them there is no point of it altogether.

Talk to them, open up with a few of them. Meaningful interactions are rare nowadays and one must cherish the people you connect with. Being lonely can cause serious issues like, depression, which in turn cause many more problems in life. In these trying times we have to be there for each other. Keep connected with your friends and family, tell them you are there for them. Listen to what they have to say and what they are feeling. Try to live in harmony and peace not just with others but yourself too. Treat yourself physically and mentally by indulging in things you enjoy, if that tends to be fattening food then just burn it out later. Put on some music and dance like no one is watching. When your body dances to music your mind is happy, and a happy brain is a healthy brain.

Find yourself amongst all the chaos that is inside you and around you. Once you find yourself, you will realize how beautiful is everything. I remember looking at these memes like two years back on social media: “I want six months long holidays, twice a year.” Well, now you have it and you want to get back to your business, whether it is school, University, job, or business. This has shown us what is the value of friends you now cannot meet and the work you cannot do in full.

More importantly I am here to tell you that you are not alone in your struggle of not being lonely. Even if you feel you are.

Cherish yourself and everyone around you. Spread Joy. Merry Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Trying Times | Jahnvi

  1. I think this is very raw and relatable.
    It is strange that we want the opposite of what we have. And that its so hard to find someone to truly open up to. Even though we risk being hurt opening up the solution shouldnt be worse than the problem, so being closed with people shouldnt be a default approach but it is for the majority of the world.
    But im glad youre open and thinking outside the mainstream box

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