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What is love? It is a feeling and it cannot be measured.

An intelligent person learns from the mistakes of others. This is one statement we have heard many a times and I can tell you from experience that it holds true in most cases. Some people take it to mean that there is no scope for making mistakes and they are afraid to step out of their comfort zones/boundaries. They are afraid to try things, afraid to let themselves go. They are just afraid.

To experience any emotion in its full spectrum you have to feel both ends of it. You cannot feel truly happy if you have not experienced sadness. There is no joy without sorrow, no victory without failure. It is only when you have tasted something bitter that you truly appreciate the sweet things in life. So, it is important that we be open to trying new things and be willing to get hurt. It means that it is fine to make mistakes.

When we first fall in love, we think that he or she is the one for us and if we lose that person, we think that the world has come to an end. This is most definitely not true and we go on to love again and lose again till we find the one for us.

This is the process of trial and error. We try and we make mistakes. These mistakes teach us many things, some even leaving marks on our heart and soul. We learn and move on and grow as individuals. If we stop after the first time we make a mistake because we are afraid of the feelings generated, we are going to be emotionally stunted human beings, so it is important to learn and move on, be ready to get hurt again.

Donโ€™t be afraid to make mistakes.

Donโ€™t be afraid to love again.

You are a much stronger person than you think yourself to be, you will survive it.

You will win.

You will love.

All you have to do is to open up yourself to feeling the emotions that you suppress.

Open you heart.

Open your mind.

No battel is ever won without leaving scars.

Your scars are the notches of all your victories.

Cherish them.


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