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All of us at some point have had this thing called a ‘celebrity crush’. We all have it, but why? Mostly because they live a public life which is in everyone’s eyes. Yes, they look great but mostly it is because of the public nature of their lives we tend to get attracted. Similarly, it is more common for famous people to be with famous people. Say someone has over ten million followers, it is highly unlikely for them to notice one person out of the ten million. Thus, making them close to people who understand that, who have more in common from them and who go to similar events.

That doesn’t stop us from liking them and that is fine. But sometimes we forget that they too have a life outside of the fame, we take away any sort of privacy from them. But I am not here to tell you to give them space. Over my life, I have seen many movies, music videos, and what not. I have and still do on many celebrities; I would name them but I think it is in everyone’s interest that I don’t. When it comes to musicians, it is often their work inspires us, brings something out in us. Meaningful lyrics, angelic voice, beautifully interpreted music video, and last but not the least is the importance of the music you put to all of that.

Music tends to bring out a different feeling in people. A happy person will feel sad listening to a well composed sad song. Similarly, a well-directed and well-acted scene in a movie can end up making the audience cry. I personally I am a big crier when it comes to emotional scenes in movies, on the same level I tend to feel the sad songs much more deeply than other. I listen to songs, feel connected, but eventually when I have heard it enough, I tend to get over it. Like any other over listened song. But since last five years I have been listening to this song and I haven’t gotten over it. It is amazing how a song can do that.

It is also good to point out that everything we work on is highly psychologically driven. With the advancements in psychology, in today’s date almost every action an individual takes can be categorized as psychologically influenced. So, what makes me love a song, or a movie, or an artist? What makes you do what you do? Could be from the way you walk, or talk to why as a species we tend to not give space to the socially famous? I started this write up to fan girl over my longest lasting celebrity crush – whom if I knew personally would have been the man that stops talking to me because I was too intense and he didn’t feel the same, but then I changed my mind as it is more important to understand the psychology behind what we do and why we do it.


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  1. Maybe we don’t give famous people space due to them being in spotlight all the time and they like it when others give them attention. My celebrity crushes are too many like Katrina, Nora, Alisha Chinai (when she was young), Kriti Sanon…list goes on..I wish I was Emran Hashmi.. Who’s your celebrity crush I want to know?

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