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When I was at school, I remember quite clearly being in my English class with hopes of being able to learn the skills to become a writer. My English teacher at the time Mrs. Thomas loved cinema and wrote in the local paper reviews for the latest films. My desk was right in the back far left. I remember this as it was right next to a 10 ft billboard poster for the 1997 film Titanic. It’s kind of ironic that when I’m writing this, I had just finished my film review for that exact film for my blog due to its cinematic release.

From an early age I had always worked better with facts and figures than fiction. Due to the fact that my teacher wrote reviews (which is fact-based writing with your own voice thrown in there) I thought I would be able to foster my talents in the correct way. Unfortunately, I was mistaken as my teaching seemed to focus far more on the writing of fiction. Reading a novel (remember it being The Lonely Bones), and after reading that, writing your own short stories. This was something I could not get into very well as it involved the creation of characters, settings, language. Starting from the base with nothing to work from. I have since met someone, who I am very fond of, who can write in the way I can’t. Upon reading chapters from their book, I am even more impressed as this is a style of writing I cannot do.

But what exactly is the difference between facts and fiction? That is the real question, it is a hard thing for me to get my head around this as psychology isn’t my strong suit. It is simple yet difficult as we all have different ways in which we think and process thoughts. Some can create incredible stories which become best sellers, such as JRR Tolkien or JK Rowling. Or there are some writers that write in the base of cold hard facts. These both have a different yet equally important place in the world and it is sometimes all about just trying to find your place and your style.

Recently I have taken it upon myself to do something I am very passionate about, despite having no training as such towards it. Maybe, just like me, you need that little push in the right direction. Trust me when you do, it’s very rewarding.



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  1. I’ve written for a living and am now writing my fourth fiction novel without any prior training or qualifications. So I say you’re on the right path of pursuing your passion despite not having any training on it. You can do it!

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