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I have always thought of myself to be brave and as someone who always speaks her mind. But I do fear things occasionally. I tell myself everyday to be brave, to be strong. Everything good in my life, everything bad in my life, and more importantly everything developing in my life are all fleeting. There was a point when it didn’t exist and there will be time when it wont once again. Yet somehow, we manage to let these things consume us, dominate us. I am sitting on my couch writing this because I have been letting it consume me and the only way, I feel I can make myself not be consumed is to write about it.

Writing about things tend to make me accept is, realize it in a deeper sense, face it. Other people might have other ways to figure things out but you won’t find it without experimenting. Dance helps me to get in touch with my emotions, especially when I am sad, just like writing helps me understand my situation and the way to cope with it. Before starting this blog, I used to be a regular journal keeper. I still keep one but not as frequent. But the point of this blog isn’t journal keeping, it is to understand the importance of realization. Realization that we all need a way to express ourselves, we all need to let the things boiling inside us to come out. Because if you keep it in, it is like a time bomb set to explode. When it does explode, it will harm everyone in its wake. Think of yourself as a pressure cooker, in order to stop it from bursting you have to let out some steam.

Being a psychology graduate myself, I know first hand that not everyone likes to get professional help, whatever the reason might be. Therefore, I ask you to find an outlet that helps you, makes you feel safe, and more than anything else, keeps you sane. Sanity has a habit of balancing on a very thing thread. Sometimes it is the queen of balance but other times it might need a long stick to help it keep its balance. Then there are times it will fall no matter how much support, don’t worry there is a net below for that situation. The trouble comes when the net is weak and doesn’t hold up anymore because it wasn’t looked after. Now you have to discover what in your life is – the balance, the stick, and the net. These three pillars will keep your sanity in place. Find activities to represent them and make them a schedule. Be happy, spread love.


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