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They say you don’t really comprehend what a word means until you’ve felt it, experienced it yourself. And this year has been like a real-life dictionary for me. I have seen a lot of words in a completely new light, felt the phrases touching my soul for the first time, understood the true meaning of a feeling or an emotion. Experiencing the negatives have made me appreciate the positives in my life. I realized how much importance feelings and emotions like happiness, joy, love, pride, hope, excitement, serenity and curiosity hold; I learnt the strength of these emotions.

Happy. A five letter word which holds the weight of your entire life. If you are happy, everything seems bright and colourful, you look at the brighter side, you enjoy yourself at that time. It is as if, for that period in which you are happy, you feel everything is possible or, if not that, at least, you can consider giving things a chance to work out. All those worries, doubts, questions and stress leave you.

But what is happiness? Hundreds and thousands of books have been written, countless talks conducted, numerous discussions held on this particular topic. If I had to define it, I would say happiness is something that brings a smile on your face without you putting in any effort. It could be while doing some activity, it could be while talking to someone, while thinking about someone/something, listening or seeing someone/something, it could be because of anything!

Someone once told me, “If doing something brings even the slightest bit of happiness to you, do it.” So, do the things that bring that shine in your eyes, that smile on your face, a bounce in your step, a calm to wash over your mind, a new energy in your bones, life in your soul.

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