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Grass seems to be greener on the other side, it isn’t just you. Most people tend to think that way. It isn’t the wrong way to think, but it isn’t an ideal way either. One should be content if not happy with what they have. Keep working for where you want to be and what you want in life but at the same time appreciate what you have. A lot of people might be looking at you and think of your side to be greener than theirs. So just hold tight to what you have and keep striving for what you want.

If you try to be like other people, it is more likely you won’t be desired by other people and eventually even you yourself. Instead of trying to be someone else, try to be a better version of yourself. Be yourself and strive for the better. Give life a try and keep doing it till it gives you your way. Think of it like IKEA furniture. You have it and now you need to put it together. Once you do that it looks beautiful and you love it.

I agree it is easier said than done. All humans have the basic emotions that includes jealousy and attraction towards other people’s lives. Every child goes through a phase of saying “His/her mother is so much cooler than mine.” As you grow older you understand how it wasn’t true. From a distance other people’s lives may seem so much better than yours, but when you see it from a closer proximity you realise they are just as broken as you are. The celebrities and common man alike. Their lives might be in the light making us see the ups and downs, but we tend to focus on the ups. Nobody’s life is all positive, there will be hurdles and difficulties in everyone’s lives but it is about making the best of what you have. Opportunities shall present themselves, one has to be self-aware enough to catch them and sometimes make the best of the opportunities in front of you even if they aren’t exactly what you wanted.


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  1. Wow so nice to read this post and surprised to see so many likes here as compared to newer posts….even people with money, lots of travel, great food also complain about their life..btw why has your blog’s popularity gone down?

    1. Thank you for your audience. The popularity is actually going up. Most of the likes on any of the posts are rather recent. The stats speak otherwise. 😇

      1. I see but I noticed this post was of last year..anyways it’s good blog is growing 😍

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