Importance of Time | Kritika

Everyday teaches us something new and this year has especially taught us a lot of things. For me, this year has been full of epiphanies and realisations. I have realised things which were always in front of me but I failed to notice, and things which I came to realise because I had the time to revel into my thoughts.

One of the things that I learnt is, how important it is to give myself ‘time’. I never paid much attention to this before, but I suddenly realised that I need to give myself the time to adjust to a change, a situation, a problem. Time to accept it, time to come to terms with it, to be OKAY with it.

For me to get over something, or someone, I must come at terms with it. Till the time I am not READY to face it, to accept, I won’t get over it. Someone might tell me a million times to leave the situation, not think about anymore, get past it but unless I am not prepared myself to do, I won’t be able to do it. If I ignore my feelings and suppress my reaction towards it instead of facing it, I am just making it difficult for myself to get over it.

And no one, but I, can prepare myself to face it and get over it. And the only way to do it is to give myself time. Time to soak in those emotions, to sort out my feelings, to come to a conclusion, and then finally let it go.

And this is not an easy thing to practice, obviously. Because no one wants to sit and drown in the emotions and memories which are not happy. But this is the only way out of it.

It can take a few hours, few days, few months or even a few years and it is perfectly fine! Give yourself that time. Time to stop for a moment and look at your wounds. Time to put some medicine on those wounds. Time to heal from those scars and move ahead. So that, one day, when you wake up, you don’t feel like that anymore; you don’t WANT to feel like that anymore. Because carrying all the baggage of worries, stress, disappointment and problems does nothing but slow you down.

So do things which make YOU happy. Sing, dance, learn a language, cook, travel, draw, play, or maybe just spend a day doing nothing. Give YOURSELF the time you need to heal, to accept, to be okay to walk ahead again


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