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We all love, and we all hate. In my usually thought process, even though I am a hopeless romantic, I would talk about hate. I would do that because the concept of hate is to some extent flawed, or maybe the right world is over rated. But right now, I am here to talk about love. Love can be very consuming, but you need to understand the good and the bad sort. I need to understand the good and the bad sort, so, maybe this will help us both!

I have read a few novels, I started late, even though my mother is a librarian. Not just by profession but my heart. Eventually I got into them as well. I like adventure, mystery, and of course romance. The more you read books or watch romantic movies the more you fantasize. You want your love story to me similar to that. My go to tends to be falling in love with a ‘bad boy’ and then he wants to be good for you. It really only works in fiction, chances of it actually happening in real life is almost none. If it happened to you, then lucky you!

When I actually sit and think about it, rationally (which isn’t much), I tend to realize that that isn’t what I want. What I actually want is for someone to love me that deeply. It’s the good of the ‘bad boy’ persona that I fall in love with. Those who truly love you will stand by you and help you when you need them and be crazy with you when you want them. It is the play of want and need, both of the parties need to understand that moment of need. If he (or she) cannot be there for you, help as much as he can in your time of need, then he doesn’t deserve to be apart of the time when you want him and not need him.

I might confuse you with all this jibber jabber, but read it again, slower. Maybe, just maybe it makes sense. If you can’t be a part of the other person’s bad days then you don’t deserve to be a part of the good. But even more than that, respect what others are willing to do for you before you dismiss them. See, love and hate are two sides of the same coin. They are both driven by you thinking of that person – negative or positive. So, take a moment and appreciate what people do for you and acknowledge what the others don’t. Appreciate by making them a part of your good days and acknowledge the other by forgiving (not forgetting) it.

Usually we don’t understand how thin the line between love and hate is. But what we need to really understand is that no matter what, you can’t hate somebody you once loved, if you do, then it was never love. But you can fall in love with someone you hated, such is the power of love. Usually anger is what drives people, hate that fuels them. But love is so much more powerful, it just doesn’t like to boast about it’s powers. Love is an unusual power that needs to be handled with care.

On the bright side, there is always dance!


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  1. Love is an amazing feeling however I am yet to find the one for me! I am glad you’ve found the one for you though. Love is truly powerful.

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