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So, what are you wearing today?

Doesn’t matter does it, well what if I tell you that wearing what suits and compliments you can really uplift your mood ten times than the average pyjamas.

Boys, have you ever noticed how a tux can give you a bossy feeling which your regular casuals do not? A change of mindset. A feeling of happiness and domination over your own self. These are just parts of it. Every piece of cloth on your body can make you feel special and happy. Even women like a well-groomed man and that’s what fashion makes you. Your style stalks for you. Sometimes you do not have to say anything and your clothes will do the talking and everyone around you will notice your persona.

I know that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but don’t we all see first and talk after?

It is important to understand how easily this topic is often dismissed. “I’ll wear something” Not giving much thought to it. But it is important. The more you’re dressed in congruence to your personality the better you will feel. Your primary impression is made from your appearance everything else comes after. Sometimes just dressing up well will affect your mood, make you feel happier even if it just for a few moments.

Embrace the requirement of dressing well. Embrace your personality into your clothing and have fun with it sometimes.

So, in these tough times when everyone is locked up afraid of what the future beholds wearing the right clothes can boost your confidence and that’s what we do at The Regular Fit (TRF).

From amazing collaboration to weekly live videos, we share the best of the fashion practices to give your style game an extra edge.

You know when it’s the right fashion, we just help you to go there. The best part we pick the best fashion from your own wardrobe and feature you on the page. We believe in growing together so follow the page and join the TRF Family

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