Untangle the Knots | Kritika

Almost all of us must have worked at least once with a string of thread in lives. A long strand in which knots form as soon as it is unrolled and cut from the spool. It gets entangled in itself at least once when you are working with it.

Have you ever tried to untangle it?

To untie the knots?

While working on it, to untie the knots and untangle the thread, there comes a time when, even though you are trying to unravel it, to get through the maze of knots and loops, the thread appears to be in an even worse state than when it first got entangled. It seems to be even badly tangled, more knotted and messed up than before.

And although you know you had worked to untangle it, which, ultimately had led you to this point, you feel lost and hopeless looking at the even bigger mess you ended up creating.

But a few more tugs and pulls and the thread gets untangled to a smooth strand.

That moment, that point when everything appeared to be messier and chaotic than before, and you had lost all hope that the thread would unravel, you had already reached halfway to solve it. You were midway upon your journey.

Sometimes, when things seem to be getting complicated and messier than they were before, it might not be because you are doing everything wrong, but because you are walking in the right direction and about to reach your destination.

So instead of losing hope midway upon your journey, after fighting your way this far, don’t give up. Walk through the last doors of your battlefield, your hell, your chaos, to your destination, your goal. Solve that last stage of the maze of the thread, twist, tug and pull until it unravels and all the knots untie. Walk till the end.



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