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A friend once told me that “Anything that you can’t quantify is a game of perception.”

Things like love, happiness, sadness one cannot measure. Can you ask for a kg of happiness or a litter of love? You can’t and therefore they are as you perceive them.

There is a flip side to it too. What brings you happiness can be the cause of someone else’s sadness. Thus, it is all in your perception (as the saying goes every coin has two sides- happiness and sadness are the two sides of the same coin and they usually go together.) And how you perceive them is how you will move forward in life. Whatever life throws at you will always have shades of light and dark, what you choose to see is how you will move will also define you as a person.

Let me give you another example- you have a glass of water with some water in it. (this is used extensively while teaching concepts especially in management) if I ask you what you see, some of you will say that the glass is half full and others half empty. Both are correct but people who see the half full glass are the ones who are optimistic and they look for good in is their perception.

How you look at yourself is how people will see you. Love thy self is a good place to begin with. You need to understand that you are the most important person in your life only then will those around you will feel your importance and love you the way you love yourself. Obviously not meaning that in a narcissistic way. If a person says that nobody loves them then it is due to this very fact. They don’t think that they are deserving of the love of everyone around them and it reflects in their actions from which people around them pick up their ques. This is how they choose to see themselves therefore cannot see how important they might be to certain people.

What you perceive is what you become. Your perception defines you and most importantly all things that cannot be measured or bought are perception.

How do you perceive this very common question – Is the glass half full or half empty?

Think about it.


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