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Secrets tend to have a very negative effect on you mind and body. With secrets also come a chain of lies that are needed to be told to keep up that secrets. Even though it seems like secrets are like a normal part of our lives it is important to ‘un normalize’ keeping secrets.

For some people it is very easy to keep a secret and psychologists even have a whole confidentiality clause but it is a whole other situation when it comes to private life. Secrets tend to eat you from the inside and there will come a time when you will fall and it won’t be pretty. It is good that people share secrets with you and keeping those secrets is still ok, it is your own secrets that will cause the issues for you. When you understand that burdening yourself is not the solution, you will start to look for other solutions for the problem of secret keeping. One of the easiest ways is to keep a journal. This help when you cannot share things with other people or simply don’t trust other people to keep your secret a secret. Willingness you relinquish this control that you have when you keep a secret will make you feel light and relieved. Especially when you do it knowing full well that nobody will take advantage of you or misuse your private thoughts against you.  

For your well being it is suggested to try not to make your chest heavy with secrets from which there is no running away. You start overthinking and that is a topic for whole other blog post and maybe I will write on it sometime soon but secrets is something that will make you over think and once the process of overthinking starts, there is no going away from it. It is a hole we dig for ourselves and before we know it, it’s too deep for our own good.

I won’t tell you to not have secrets, we all tend to have some. But I suggest to find a safe outlet for those to let out so as to not burden your mind with the task of lies and overthinking. The chain of lies that are formed cause a whole other ripple effect on you and people around you. The first of it being paranoia.


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