Impact of Words | Jahnvi

We talk every day and express ourselves through multiple means, most common being words. We talk to people and about people, about different situations, etc. Sometimes we end up saying things that is not received well by others, maybe we meant it that way or maybe we didn’t. But it tends to have a big impact on our lives. That’s why it is important to be mindful of what we say and also the body language of the person hearing you. This way we can understand better if our words had a negative impact on the individual.

Especially when we are angry, we tend to not put thought into what we are saying and often regret it later. What is important to know is that we can control it if we want and if we try. In our busy lives everything goes by so fast that the little things that should mean a lot end up being such a small fragment of the day that we just overlook it.

Words have tendency to have big impact on people’s lives. They can make someone’s day or ruin it. They make promises and they make threats. But it on us what we do of those words we are so gifted to be able to use.

Do you want to make someone’s life better or worse?

There is an easy way to answer it. How would you like it, if someone chose to make you smile or cry? Do you want to feel happy or sad? I hope the answer isn’t sad. You need to give into the universe what you want from it. Spread happiness if you want to receive happiness. I know that the world isn’t that simple or even fair. But we cannot ask or expect from it what we want if we don’t give something on similar lines.

So, use your words wisely and make other people smile, there is some sort of therapy to it I cannot explain.

Verbally appreciate people, let them know they matter. Let them know they are amazing. Let them know they are appreciated. Most important of all, let yourself know you are appreciated.


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