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We all wish for things, sometimes it is a more sensible wish but sometimes we wish for things are probably won’t happen but either way wishes don’t just come true. One has to put effort towards getting that wish fulfilled. Making a wish is only the first step of making your mind realize that it is something you desire to possess or achieve. Wishes come true by the means of hard work and careful planning and most important of them all luck.

Many people don’t believe in luck, but what if I can change your perspective of luck?

What if I say it isn’t something that just happens because, say, that the stars are in line and makes your ‘luck’ good? What if I say it is something which is in your control to some extend?

People often say “your luck was good” when you achieve something but only some see the hard work you put towards achieving the goal.

Hard work makes things possible and if it is mixed with opportunity you are unstoppable. You are luck. Once you learn to identify the opportunity when it is presented you create luck. When you make use of the identified opportunity you create luck. When your hard work claims the opportunity as you own you create success.

Have fun with your hard work, it isn’t all work no play. Once you understand that just because you are having fun with your work (in moderation) does not reduce your work productivity. As long as you stay focused on the goal and the steps you have to take to reach the goal, you can be the best version of yourself in that situation. Always improving, always learning, and always achieving.

Create small goals to accomplish big tasks and enjoy the little accomplishments, this way you are looing after your mental heath along side of hard work. As long as your mental health is at a good place, you can put your mind to work and achieve goals and actually be happy about it.

Even a child works hard to achieve goals, step by step, First, they learn to keep their necks steady, then sit, then crawl, then stand, then walk. We celebrate them all. I understand that these are big accomplishments for a baby but even these are achieved by doing even smaller things that together lead up to that.

Smile and enjoy ever aspect of your life. Appreciate yourself and everything around you.


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