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Many people want to get better, better at whatever they do and who they are. A better version of oneself. Improving on oneself is a good way to go about one’s life, but there is a limit to that as well. When you start striving for perfection, that is where you need to pull the breaks on whatever you are doing. Perfectionism isn’t a good trait; it is a problem that needs solving.

Imagine living in a perfect world, where there is nothing to improve and nothing to do. I can only think about one word for it – boring. We live in an ever-improving world where we discover new things about the world, others, and yourself. We as humans strive on improving in every aspect. Not saying don’t try improving on things, but just remember there is always someone who will surpass you. Even the most intelligent person will eventually be surpassed by a greater intelligence, so will the best dancer, best actor, best technician, etc.

Don’t stop improving yourself but don’t aim for perfection. Once perfection is achieved then there is nothing more to do, nowhere to go, and no place for improvement. Don’t try to perfect your art because art is not something that can be perfected. That is the thing about art, it is to be learned and improved upon. Every technique will be improvised and evolved, improved and re-imagined.

Perfectionism is a toxic habit that needs redefining.

There will never be zero dust no matter how much you clean, there will never be a perfect way to stroke your brush in a painting, never a perfect way to talk or behave. It is more like desirable. This is the desired amount of cleanliness, this is the desired way of my brush strokes, this is or is not the desired way to behave in this situation.

We have used the world perfect in many ways, even when we didn’t really mean that. I myself have often replied with the word “perfect” when I only meant that it was at the desired point. But we all learn from our mistakes and it’s important to acknowledge that perfectionism is a fantasy that we shouldn’t hope to achieve. Even when you are at your best, you are not perfect. You still have flaws and those flaws make you who you are and give you individuality in a group of people that strive to improve with every breath.

Perfect is just another way of being stagnated.


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  1. It’s beautifully expressed,
    Today also most parents and teachers are looking on a glass always as half empty .
    Need a change in mind set.

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