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No matter how good someone is, there is always a process that took being that way. But not only that, there is also a small part that isn’t that good to become good. Doesn’t matter what people say there is always a dark side to a good personality, to every personality. There is a process that every being goes through that makes them who they are.




And many more. The only point is that people who are good don’t give in to that darkness and continue to be good and helpful. But like every elastic, even people have a limit to its stretch. There is a limit to what an individual can handle suffering, pain, torture.

Everyone gives in, you just need to stretch them enough. I am not here to tell you how to do it, I am here to tell you how not to do it. How to stop it and be more aware.

Aware of your own limit and that of others.

Some people suicide and everyone says they are weak. I don’t agree, I am not saying it is the right thing to do. But it doesn’t just happen, it isn’t just one thing that makes them take this step. Everyone has different ways of coping with the issues they go through and if not given help at the right time, then we have no right to judge a person for whatever step they take. We failed them, not they themselves. So, here I am being open about the fact that everyone has dark thoughts, some know how to appropriate them and some don’t.

Subtle signs are there all around us. There is no particular way of knowing how each person expresses their call for help. Sometimes it is small changes in your everyday behaviour, which are usually opposite from what depression or any sort of issues look like. They might be too hyper compared to their usual personality. Sometimes they refuse to cry in front of people they were otherwise comfortable around, but there is always signs to notice that.

I cannot point out to you that this is what happens and this is what to do. The only thing we can really do is be more aware and be gentle. Don’t hurt anyone, sometimes we do it unintentionally and that just makes thing worse because we cannot make amends. Just because the person in front of you is smiling does not mean s/he isn’t going through something.

Sometimes they might not want to open up, in that case just say (and mean it), “I am here for you, you don’t want to talk, it is fine. I will just sit with you here and not talk. But know you are not alone.” Believe me it makes a difference.


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