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Scars tell a story, a story that shaped your life. No matter how unimportant the situation might have been. Everything you do, say, read, go through no matter how small during that time makes you who you are. Then how can a mark that is a trophy of that moment not important?

Scars show you are not new in this world. Scars show that you have gone through stuff and survived it. Scars show how beautiful you are even after what you went through. Beautiful not only outside, but inside as well. Afterall, the real scars that we get burdened by are inside. But it is time for you to embrace them and make it a part of you and not something you have to get rid of.

These scars are lessons, lessons that teach you to not do something that you might have done.

These scars are a reminder, reminder that tells you that you are a survivor.

These scars are beauty, beauty that makes you unique.

It is your inner self pushing you to learn, survive, prosper. I remember being in a few traumatic situations in my life. They pull you down into darkness and everybody tells you to get out of the darkness, to not give into it. But I say no, when you start to go into darkness, be the light. Embrace the darkness and use it positively because once you know how to survive darkness, you can never be in that darkness again. Once you have learned to survive, we can learn how to live around it and be happy.

The low times of your life seem to go on forever, but it just feels that way because time seems to fly when we’re having fun, but not so much the other way around. This is because we wait for the bad time to be over, but we don’t look forward for the good time to be over. The bad time is here for a lesson, it is here to teach you how to survive things you would otherwise think you cannot.

Your physical scar’s story is out in the world, people see it and they ask about it. But, the scars inside of you, in your soul, are yours and yours only to show and share. And you should share them, they tell the most beautiful story. A story that has shaped you for who you are and even if you don’t like who you, remember that there is more you come and it is in your hand to shape the future ones in your favour.

Tell your story, mold your future.


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  1. Every small experience matters, at times even more than big ones. Inner scars are worth embracing and celebrating because they nurture the soul.

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