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“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, 
if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
— Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter
and the Prisoner of Azkaban

When you fall down on the ground and scrape your hands and knees, you take care of it. You clean it, disinfect it, put ointment on it, and avoid bending your knees so that the scab, which is formed after a few days of healing, doesn’t tear open again. You, your family take care of you and that wound until it heals completely; and it might take a few days, weeks, months or years for you to completely heal.

So, why, do we leave a person who is mentally injured, who is struggling mentally, who is trying to swim and not to drown in the ocean of his problems, alone? Why instead of giving them a hand and pulling them out of that deep dark ocean, we tie them with weights and push them further down to drown and suffocate?

Mental Health is not a small thing. Just like your scrapped knee, you need to take care of your deteriorating mental health until it gets better, until it heals; the only difference is: you can see a wound on the body, but you cannot see the wounds on someone’s mind or someone’s heart. You cannot see a person is struggling with their everyday lives and activities by merely looking at them, at a glance. These wounds/injuries are not visible or tangible, but this does not mean they aren’t there. They are very well there and that person is trying to fight it, overcome it.

A lot of things are happening in the world around us right now which have put the issue of one’s “Mental Health” in the spotlight. People are beginning to realize that mental health is, in fact, a very important matter indeed!

And people have been promoting mental health and mental well-being greatly. There have been a lot of messages being circulated about the same- what it is, its importance, how to deal with it, etc.

But along with these messages, there have been some other messages being circulated as well…

The biggest hypocrisy I have been witnessing lately is about people saying that they can be approached if and when someone needs a person to talk to. Almost everyone has been putting up stories, updating their statuses and circulating texts that if “anyone needs someone to talk to, they can always lend those people an ear”

Will you really? Or are you just doing it because everyone else on the social media is doing it?

You were unwilling to resolve a small dispute with me over a petty issue because you did not want to listen to anything I had to say, you made fun of me when I told you the simplest of the truths about me, you indulged yourself in the rumors that were being circulated about me.

Why are you telling everyone that they can always depend upon you when they are in need of someone, when you really will just laugh at them and mock them during their darkest and lowest times?


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  1. Wao! Absolutely right👍 I really admired this article and your thoughts how you dealt with. You raised a voice of many people. You wrote it very well and I appreciated your this initiative. Go ahead. All my wishes with you❤️💕You just light up the room, I wish that everyone in the country will read this 🥰🥰🌞

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