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People have been probably telling you this since a very long time but here I am, repeating all of it and maybe we can make sense of it together. The thing about change is that we all want it but somehow many of us don’t really contribute towards it. If you want change, you have to take the step towards it. Not diving into the crazy that the world is right now, because we all know it. But more generally and psychologically speaking.

What is change to me?

Change for me is something that exists and I want to see it differently or enhanced. Yes, enhanced. Something that already exists but needs boosting. But I will be a hypocrite if I am only willing to write or talk about it and not take action on my words. A lot of people thing that writers got it easy, and maybe they do. Sitting in front of the computer writing about stuff whereas so many people go out in the real world and make a difference by action.

But the power of words can do wonders. When I was in a low point in my life I was into books. Reading fantasy is my escape, a well-deserved escape. I might not have gone through half of what people my age have gone through. My mother sheltered me and I am highly grateful but that does not mean I do not understand thing.

Before changing the world, change yourself.

Be the better version of yourself and then together we can make the world a better place. But you see it isn’t as easily done, because you have control over yourself. To some extend and changing yourself, no matter how difficult, but much easier than changing the world. Imagine we change ourselves, make ourselves better and what happens then?

You will realize that the world doesn’t need changing anymore. Why? It won’t need changing because the world is us. We make the world and all that is good or bad in it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying if we change ourselves there will be no bad. There will always be bad in the world, because without bad good has no value. But if the majority of us change for the better, change ourselves for the better, the world will be a beautiful place.

What is bad in the world, whatever it is that we want to change in this world in the end comes out of people.

We are people.

Let that sink in.


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  1. Very action based philosophy . Do your part to the best of your ability and let the Universe respond.

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