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Why is it that even in the 21st century so many of us still think of psychology as a taboo? In my opinion a psychologist is your best friend who would never let you down.

Won’t reveal your secrets.

Won’t give up on you.

Will keep pestering you until you talk.

What can be better? It is all better when you talk. It could be how bad your school life is, because who’s isn’t? It could be how you feel you don’t look good, without being judged or eyes. I t could be someone you fancy. It could even be how heart broken you are because of any reason on this planet. Issues at home, at work, at school.

Just because you’re an adult and supposed to have your life sorted out doesn’t mean you have it sorted out. Let me tell you a secret, nobody has it sorted, no matter how old you are or what people think. You are who you are because of the struggle you have gone through, the struggle you are going through.

The phases of our lives pass, good or bad. Time just seems to go slower when the phase is bad. It always goes slower then. It’s like your inner self is testing you, preparing you, so you can appreciate what you got. Many people are living better lives than yours, YES. But many are also envious of your life because theirs is just not as good as yours.

You still think people will call you crazy if you see a “shrink”. So many still believe whoever is meeting the same is “crazy”.

But why?

So, you’re saying that instead we should all just bottle everything inside us and then just live our lives with anger or regret or both. Oh, there is another option. When all that your bottle is too full, just lash it all out in a violent rage, yeah that works.


I might be a new psychologist in UK, but I have been doing this since a long time.

So here is what I propose-

I don’t know you; you don’t know me.

There is nothing to lose. Everything to gain.

And I love it when people get to gain mental health.

So, make a new friend who will “shrink you up” if you must.

Contact me however you see fit. I am here for you, for your mental health, for your peace, and for all that you need support in.

Egos never work when you think about psychology. Just because I might be much younger than you, it doesn’t mean I can’t help you. Half the work problems stem there, why should someone more than 35 years old listen to a someone in their 20s?

But I assure you, it works. Keep an open mind and come forward.

It feels good.


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