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The Wellbeing Blog is an initiative started for the purpose of sharing awareness surrounding anything and everything a person might go through.


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Jahnvi Kataria – a wellness coach

Jahnvi Kataria, the founder of The Wellbeing Blog is a Business Psychologist and a wellbeing advocate. She believes that no one is truly alone and everyone’s experience matters. She was motivated to start this blog when she saw a lack of platform for unbiased opinions and that is how The Wellbeing Blog was formed. Jahnvi is a dancer, writer, and a motivator…

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  • Is it Every Enough? | Rohit
    I have questions to which I never will get answers. The biggest question that runs my mind is, is it ever enough? Is it ever enough? The love you give to someone.  Is it ever enough? All the things to do for your family. Is it ever enough? The way you live.  Is it ever enough? The life that is offered to you. I have …
  • Music: Shorthand of Emotions | Sukhada
    “Where words fail, Music speaks.” -Hans Christian Anderson As pleasurable and joyous as listening to music can be, it is widely used as a medium to manage stress and improve mental well-being. There are countless other psychological benefits to listening to music alongside the potential for pleasure and joy. Music can elevate the spirit, energise the body, and even help pain management. The immune system, …
  • Problems vs. Solutions | Atray
    We all have problems and as human beings, we all are bound to suffer at one point or another in our lifetime. There is no way to avoid the inevitable and the problems we face are one of those things. We are bound to face them as we get older. As they say, ups and downs are a part of life. It isn’t so uncommon …