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The Wellbeing Blog is an initiative started for the purpose of sharing awareness surrounding anything and everything a person might go through.


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Jahnvi Kataria – a wellness coach

Jahnvi Kataria, the founder of The Wellbeing Blog is a Business Psychologist and a wellbeing advocate. She believes that no one is truly alone and everyone’s experience matters. She was motivated to start this blog when she saw a lack of platform for unbiased opinions and that is how The Wellbeing Blog was formed. Jahnvi is a dancer, writer, and a motivator…

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    If you are wondering that no such thing exists, then let me just enlighten you by busting some unacceptable myths that psychologists generally go through given at what pace this profession is rising. This is actually based on a stereotype that psychologists are listeners, someone who is a perfect person and would not generally express strident emotions like anger or agony. This cannot be true …
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    I survived, an echoing fog Wrapping around is what it feels like I freeze in the hope for this nightmare to end But it is all tired cliché It hurts, I try to sedate it Oh, but it never works I try to imagine the day If I didn’t wake up But it is making me sick And I can’t take no more But I …