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The Wellbeing Blog is an initiative started for the purpose of sharing awareness surrounding anything and everything a person might go through.


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Jahnvi Kataria – a wellness coach

Jahnvi Kataria, the founder of The Wellbeing Blog is a Business Psychologist and a wellbeing advocate. She believes that no one is truly alone and everyone’s experience matters. She was motivated to start this blog when she saw a lack of platform for unbiased opinions and that is how The Wellbeing Blog was formed. Jahnvi is a dancer, writer, and a motivator…

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  • Are we Really Free? | Ambalika
    India celebrates 75 years of Independence this year which is a remarkable journey altogether. On account of it, a very Happy Independence Day to all the Indians in India and across the world who would stumble by this post. But the question to ask is when we look down deep and ask ourselves are we free, what is the answer you get? Do you feel …
  • Let’s Talk about Mindset | Lavanya
    “MINDSET”, is a current catchword in the wellness and psychology landscape. But what is it? Why is it so important? It is not something new, but with the world changing with tides, it shows that people have begun to focus more inwards and not try to gain control over what is in their purview. It is critical because it is the key driver of all …
  • Ready to Kick the Bucket? | Sneha
    Before you go ahead with judging me on the title of the blog or raising alerts thinking that the writer of this blog is crazy (I’m not, my parents had me tested), hear me out. If someone were to ask you this question, what would you say? Take a minute to think about it. Are you ready to kick the bucket? Would you be okay …